Many spiritual leader claims, that LGBT muslims are a higher spirtual being, that struggling will put us up in a higher state. This poem is written in response to that.


Truly I am a chosen one? Am I honorable?

What a beautiful thing to say!


Do you have a scripture? From which you read?

That is from Allah. The lord of the worlds?

Where is the scripture?

That is truly from Him?


Where it is revealed,

That I must struggle, For that is honorable for me?

That I am certainly more pious than you?


Then bring  forth your proof if what you say is true.

Why should I turn away this honor from my Lord?


Oh who you say,

I am exalted above you, If what you say is true.

That I am spiritually superior

Do you know what it means?


That on that day,

Where your wives and children will of no use

With whome you prided that you had no sinful inclination.

Certainly you will look up to me

My status elevated all above you


and Perhaps you may say, “Woe to us”

We wish we could turn back our time

We wish we had this suffering THRUST upon us.


We would have been elevated on this day.


Bring forth your proof

If what you say is true.

Bring forth your proof.



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